Pothole Patrol

Resurfacing projects are coming soon to New York City in an effort to repair pothole-laden roads. (Credit: CBS 2)

New York City To Spend $242 Million On Massive Road Resurfacing Project

Potholes. They’re everywhere. They’re horrible. Drivers’ complaints have been long and loud, and after CBS2 demanded answers, we got action.


Potholes on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side on Wednesday, March 11. (Credit: CBS2)

DOT Takes Aim At Rough Roads, Dispatches Pothole Repair Crews Citywide

If you have been out driving lately, you know that potholes have turned roads into an obstacle course.


Potholes (Credit: CBS 2)

As Drivers Rumble Along Pockmarked Roads, Officials Look For Solution To Pothole Problem

As the snow has started to disappear, what has been left behind is a trail of damaged roads throughout the Tri-State Area.


Mayor de Blasio fills pothole in Maspeth, Queens (Marla Diamond/WCBS 880)

Mayor Bill de Blasio, DOT Commissioner Wage War Against Potholes

Mayor de Blasio has waged a war against potholes in New York City.


New York City Pothole (credit: CBS 2)

Harsh Winter Has Tri-State Area Residents Dodging Potholes, Digging Out Cars

The swings in temperature have carved out craters in roads across the Tri-State Area and cars that were buried by plows now have a coating of ice, making for interesting escape plans.


FILE - A pothole (file/credit: Getty Images)

Pothole Patrol: Tri-State Area Is A Mess, But You Can Help Yourself

It’s pothole season and there are a lot of roads that make you cringe while driving. On Tuesday some of the more troubling spots in the Tri-State Area were examined.



Pothole Patrol: You Better Brace For Impact In Westchester County

They’re a damaging hazard that can ruin a driver’s day. Potholes are making a mess of Tri-State Area roads as the spring thaw sets in.


NYC pothole

Residents, NYC Council Furious Over Pothole Minefield

The Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with people packing up the car and heading out of town. But many of us are in for a rough ride; not because of traffic — but potholes.



Pothole Patrol: It Seems They’re Bigger And Badder Than Ever

Many of us have heard the sound that can lead to more than $200 leaving your pocket — and it’s all because thousands of city streets resemble war-torn terrain.



Frustration Grows For Pothole-Dodging Drivers On L.I.

The Long Island Expressway was brought to its knees Wednesday by pothole repair crews, as emergency workers tried to keep up with the ripped up roads.



Pothole Pandemic Continues Fury Over Area

Melting snow along with refreezing cycles have been creating some dangerous conditions and expensive repairs for area drivers.