After 127 Studies, Experts Say Coffee Is Healthy For Everyone Except Pregnant WomenA recent review of 127 separate studies, published in Annual Reviews, found that coffee was not only good for the body but also had a small chance to reduce the development of certain cancers.
Pregnant Olivia Wilde Complains When No One Gives Up Seat On SubwayActress Olivia Wilde is pregnant, fed up, and taking a stand about the lack of courtesy on the subway.
Pregnant Women Should Avoid Gadolinium MRI Scans, Study FindsThere is new information about whether or not MRI scans are safe for pregnant women as the first large-scale study on the effect of MRI’s on mother and baby has been released.
City: Bars Cannot Forbid Pregnant Women From Entering, Ordering AlcoholNew guidelines by the Human Rights Commission say pregnant women cannot be kept out of bars, or refused alcoholic beverages in restaurants, just because they are expecting.
Councilman Revives Plan To Allow For Parking Privileges For Pregnant WomenSome New York City Council members on Thursday were proposing a special parking pass for certain pregnant women.
Bar Purportedly Marketed Toward Pregnant Women Turns Heads In East VillageSomeone claims to be opening a bar in the East Village that's specifically marketed toward pregnant woman.
5 Best Maternity Stores In NYCNew York City offers one-of-a-kind stores with unique clothes for pregnant ladies. Herewith are our five favorites.
Nurse Fired For Refusing To Get Flu ShotThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the influenza virus is now widespread in 10 states, including New York and Pennsylvania – where a pregnant nurse is out of a job.
Doctors Issue New Warning About Skyrocketing Mercury Levels In Some FishMercury levels have been testing higher than ever in certain fish in and are increasing, prompting doctors to reemphasize their advice that pregnant women and young children should avoid eating them.
Judge Rejects Claim Of Discrimination At Bloomberg CompanyThe judge said the EEOC supported its claim of a pervasive bias with no statistical evidence of discrimination and about 10 statements from four or five managers or executives in a company of 10,000 employees, 603 of whom took maternity leave during a six-year span covered by the lawsuit.
Bill Would Grant Parking Perks For Pregnant WomenA New York City councilman is introducing a bill that would grant special parking rights to women who are having a difficult pregnancy.

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