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West Harlem Residents Are Fed Up With ‘Aggressive’ Raccoons Terrorizing Neighborhood

West Harlem residents say a posse of raccoons has taken over their neighborhoods and in some cases even broken into their homes.


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Officials Tackle Growing Problem Of Raccoons, Other Critters With Vaccine Program

Officials are now in the process of immunizing raccoons and other rodents with some creative techniques.


These raccoons were left on the doorstep of the Westchester County Health Department on May 23, 2014. (credit: Westchester County Health Department)

Westchester Officials Searching For Whoever Left 5 Baby Raccoons On Health Department’s Doorstep

The raccoons were delivered Friday in a cage with bottles of milk, blankets and toys.


Raccoons have been causing commotion among commuters at the Metro North station in Marble Hill. (Credit: Thinkstock)

Raccoons Causing Commuter Commotion Along Metro North Line

Commuters waiting for the train have always had plenty to worry about and now they can add raccoons to their list of concerns.


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Frustrated Residents: Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City

They’re getting into garbage cans, backyards and even breaking into homes. And what’s more, these resourceful raccoons are outsmarting the most determined of trappers.


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Raccoons Invade Part Of Queens, But NYC Not Helping Fix The Problem

There’s a major pest problem in Queens. That’s where residents say raccoons have made themselves at home in several neighborhoods. Now, a local lawmaker is getting involved to combat the invasion.


Partial House Collapse - Ronkonkoma, NY - Jul 13, 2011 (credit: Sophia Hall / WCBS 880)

House Suffers Partial Collapse In Ronkonkoma

Neighbor Kathy Meyers says a man, who is 62-years-old, has lived in the home for years without running water and electricity and with raccoons. He was not home when the collapse occurred.


A raccoon is seen on a golf course - Lake Buena Vista, FL - Nov 12, 2009 - Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Pet Owners On Alert For Rabies In North Jersey

Fair Lawn’s health officer is sounding the alarm.