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3/27 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

If you live well north and west, you could see some flakes flying due to the cold air rushing in on the backside. A rumble is even possible very early this morning.


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3/26 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

For those of you commuting this morning, expect some lowered visibility due to fog. Showers will also be around. On-and-off rain with some embedded thunder is the forecast today.


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3/25 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

The rain has just stopped here in the city but it’s not the end of wet weather at all.


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3/24 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’ve had some clouds filter in across NYC today but their breaking up as we speak.


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3/19 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

It’s a chilly calm today before we ready the area for another snow event.


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3/17 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Expect some showers to plague the start of your day if you live north of NYC — nothing much beyond some wet roads and a little ponding.


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3/16 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

A little bit of rain is forecast for tomorrow morning, and temps won’t fall too far tonight.


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3/14 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather Headlines

One word sums up the day we’ve had: soggy! Showers will wind down through the evening, but clouds will stick around.


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3/14 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

It’s certainly a damp one out there as you’re waking up. Rain moved in overnight and will continue through today, heavy at times.


A goose in the melting snow on Friday, March 13. (Credit: CBS2)

Weekend Rains Could Make Flood Risk From Melting Snow Even Worse

From a mudslide in Yonkers to flooding that forced the condemnation of houses in Shoreham, Long Island, the warming temperatures lately have caused lots of problems this week.


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3/13 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather Headlines

Clouds have started to fill in this afternoon, and now they are thickening up with moisture form the gulf. A low-pressure system loaded with rain is heading our way.


3/13 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

Yet again, radiation cooling has allowed for temps to peel off the thermometer especially outside of NYC. Some teens are forecasted in the Hudson Valley. Grab the coat for those temps!


3/10 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Expect some filtered sun to be swallowed up by the clouds as the morning goes forth. Rain is slated to arrive in the afternoon, but not before we rise temps into the mid-40s.


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3/4 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Let’s look at tonight and tomorrow’s snow as hopefully a last gasp for the season!


(Credit: Fernando Pineros)

Snow, Ice, Rain Pound Tri-State Area; System Will Last Into Thursday

If you were hoping for spring weather, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.