Passengers stand on seats to avoid a rat in an A Train going into Brooklyn on Monday, April 7. (Credit: Jianis Ponnampadikkal Kader/YouTube)

Rat Terrorizes Straphangers As ‘A’ Subway Train Heads To Brooklyn

On Monday, a rat found its way onto an A Train heading from Manhattan to Brooklyn. A YouTube video showed passengers lifting up their legs and even standing up on the seats, and many of them screaming in horror.


FILE -- A Dunkin' Donuts store (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

City Shuts Down Midtown Dunkin’ Donuts After Rat Video Goes Viral

The 15-second cellphone video which was posted on YouTube shows a rat crawling around the doughnuts at the shop at 37th Street and Eighth Avenue.


Scabby is shown in this file photo. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Is The Giant Inflatable Rat An Endangered Species?

The giant, inflatable rat familiar to New Yorkers at union protests is apparently on the way out, according to a report.


Credit: 1010 WINS Reporter Carol D'Auria

Rat Spotted In Window Of Gourmet Shop On Upper East Side

Despite an “A” rating that is posted on the shop’s front door, a rat was spotted in the window of E.A.T. on Madison Avenue and 81st Street on Sunday.


Two subway riders chow down on bagels (credit: CBS 2)

N.Y. Lawmaker Wants Fines For Straphangers Who Eat On The Subway

State Senator Bill Perkins plans to propose a $250 fine, saying riders are always complaining to him about rodents.


A picture submitted to RatFreeSubways.com of a rat at Grand Central Station. (credit: RatFreeSubways.com)

Ride The Rails For Free With Best Rat Pic

We see them scurrying around the subway on the tracks and sometimes even on the trains. Rats have become almost a New York City icon, but now a new campaign is hoping your rat pics will help rid the subway of the furry creatures once and for all.


(credit: YouTube)

Must See Video: Rat Climbs Up Sleeping Subway Rider’s Leg, Onto Face

A video posted on YouTube Wednesday shows a rat running loose on a subway car — scurrying across the aisle and climbing up onto seats — before eventually crawling up the leg of a sleeping man and onto his face.