Cheryl Stankov, George Stankov

New Jersey Mom Warns Others After Losing Her Son To Heroin

A mother who lost her son and the light of her life has come forward with a warning for everybody.


AlterG, Anti-Gravity Treadmill (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A new device doesn’t repeal the laws of physics, but it does un-weight you while you run on the treadmill. It’s helping both injured athletes and orthopedic surgery patients get moving again.


Brooklyn Bridge (credit: CBS 2)

Project To Close Brooklyn Bridge Lanes Starting Monday

You can forget about overnight travel into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, for a few years at least.


(Credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Keeping Your Joints Strong

Joint replacement surgery is becoming more common, especially for younger patients, and the recovery can be an agonizing process – but there are ways to postpone it, and possibly even prevent it.