Report: NFL, Referees Association Agree On Backup OfficialsWhile the two sides are far apart on many key issues, they were able to set up an agreement on the issue of backup officials, according to Albert Breer of
NJ Senate President Moves To Ban Sporting Events With Replacement OfficialsLike many football fans, New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney has seen enough of the NFL's replacement officials.
Replacement Ref Rage Reaches Fever Pitch; NFL Upholds Controversial CallAnd you thought the commotion over the replacement referees was bad last week?
Replacement Refs Irritating Bill BelichickBill Belichick chased after and made contact with a replacement official after the Patriots' Sunday night loss.
NFL Not Tolerating Teams Confronting Replacement RefsPoor behavior toward replacement refs won't be tolerated by the NFL.
Ex-NFL VP Of Officiating: 'There's No Respect And No Trust' For Replacement Refs"I think it's really tough for them," Pereira said. "You have to know the rulebook 100 percent. If you don't, if you have to think about the rules during the course of the game, you'll never be able to react and officiate properly."
Week 2 Goes From Bad To Worse For NFL, Replacement Refs On MondayCoaches and players around the league are losing patience and speaking out against the fill-in officials following a slew of questionable calls in the games Sunday and Monday night.
NFL Has Schedule In Place For Replacement Officials Through Week 5
Boomer: NFL Headed Toward 'Unmitigated Disaster' With Replacement OfficialsAfter all, the NFL has many rules and nuances. Some of these officials aren't exactly used to speaking in front of 75,000 rabid football fans, never mind a national television audience.
Palladino: Replacement Refs Won’t Cut It; Latest Showing Of Ineptitude In Giants-PatriotsA civilized person might hide the names to protect the innocent. But, hey, we’re not about that here. Not at all. You put yourself out there, you take the heat. So here’s the heat.

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