More Than 100 Reptiles, Many Illegal To Own, Found In Carle Place HomeMore than 100 reptiles were found hopping, crawling and slithering around a house in Nassau County Monday.
More Than Two Dozen Animals Turned In At Suffolk County Amnesty EventThe Suffolk County SPCA says more than two dozen animals were turned in Sunday at an amnesty event. They include both reptiles and mammals that cannot legally be kept as pets.
Reptile Training Under Way For Suffolk County Officials Suffolk SPCA chief Roy Gross said the training is crucial, given the spike of reptiles turning up on Long Island.
Long Island Homeowner Turns In 2-Foot AlligatorAnimal welfare crews rescued a 2-foot alligator from a home in Suffolk County this week.
Suffolk County SPCA Holding Reptile Amnesty Day The Suffolk County SPCA says owners of illegal pets, such as venomous snakes, constrictors, alligators or other dangerous reptiles, will be able to surrender their animals without a penalty.
Saturday Is Reptile And Amphibian Amnesty Day On Long IslandIt might have been cute when you first got it, but now that snake, lizard, or alligator may be a little to much to handle. If that's your situation, Saturday is the day for your day.
Illegal Reptile Amnesty Day Planned In Suffolk CountyThe Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be holding an amnesty day later this month, where anyone who is keeping an illegal reptile can turn the animal in, no questions asked.
Best New York Reptile Pet ShopsYou don’t have to go to the nearest swamp to find an amazing reptiles. Although you may have to go just a bit off the beaten path to get to some of these exotic enthusiasts, meeting these area experts is well worth the trip. From bearded dragons to lizards, turtles and tortoises, finding the right cold-blooded companion is just a visit away.

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