Ring of Steel

NYPD Counterterrorism Helicopter

NYPD Going All Out To Prevent Terror Attacks

NYPD officers have been exercising vigilance on land, sea and air, as the city works to detect and prevent terror attacks like the one in Boston.


Ring of Steel

Lower Manhattan ‘Ring Of Steel’ To Have 3,000 Cameras By 9/11/11

The so-called “ring of steel” is nearing completion in lower Manhattan. It’s a network of security measures intended to counter-terrorism and fight crime. CBS 2 got a rare look inside the nerve center on Friday.


NYC Subway Cameras

Real-Time Security Cameras Link NYC Subway Hubs

As many as 500 cameras have been placed in nearly every corner of three of the busiest transit hubs in New York City – in the stairwells and on the platform.