Robert Fitzpatrick

Doomsday Bus Shelter Ad

NYC Back To Business As Usual After Failed Doomsday Predictions

Whatever you want to call it – judgment day, the end of days, rapture – the predictions for the end of the world didn’t come to fruition on Saturday.



The Apocalypse: It’s Nothing New

Doomsday worrywarts have a long history of predicting the end of the world. From biblical times to the present day, there have been many scenarios of our ultimate demise.


Robert Fitzpatrick, author of 'The Doomsday Code,' believes the world will end May 21, 2011. (credit: John Montone/1010 WINS)

Apocalypse Now? Not Until Saturday Says Robert Fitzpatrick Of Staten Island

Two days and counting — The end of the world is near, according to a Staten Island man who says that around 6pm Saturday, all Hell will be breaking loose.


Doomsday Bus Shelter Ad

Doomsday On The Way, Staten Island Resident Says

New Yorkers only have a week left to live, according to advertisements plastered all over the city’s bus kiosks and subway cars.