Point Lookout Seaweed

Disgusting Seaweed Spoils Beach At Point Lookout On Long Island

The hot summer weather has been a mixed blessing for Long Island beaches — bringing large crowds, but also helping to fuel the growth of unwanted seaweed.


Seaweed (file/credit:

Commercial Seaweed Farm Coming To The Long Island Sound

Aquaculture scientists at the University of Connecticut are poised to produce dividends from their decades of work to clean up the waters of Long Island Sound. The science team’s decades of work has helped rid the waters of nitrogen and, as a byproduct, leaves behind edible seaweed and kelp.



Seen At 11: Seaweed Could Play A Role In Curing Serious Medical Conditions

Seaweed has been a staple ingredient in Asian cuisines for centuries. It has been harvested and used as food, medicine and a number of other products.