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Seen at 11


Seen At 11: Doctors Warn Parents Of Teen Self-Harming

Experts say 18 percent of adolescents are cutting themselves.


Spring Cleansing Smoothie

Seen At 11: 6 Foods To Help You Feel Great For Spring

It’s time for a spring cleanse, and food is the key, especially if you want to look better, feel better, and even shed some pounds.


March Madness Fans

Seen At 11: Can March Madness Be Unhealthy?

For some March Madness fans, emotions can become so intense that it can affect their health, turning the tournament into a fan hazard.


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Seen At 11: Pint-Sized Rentals Save Parents Big Bucks

New companies are offering parents the chance to rent high-end clothing at a fraction of the cost to buy.


Some people are negatively affected by Daylight Saving Time (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Daylight Saving Time Can Be A Danger To Your Health

Daylight Saving Time may have serious health implications for some, making it a difficult, even potentially dangerous change.


ATM Of The Future

Seen At 11: ATMs Of The Future To Offer Array Of Services

Upcoming ATM upgrades will allow you to do everything from apply for a loan, to planning your retirement.


Counterfeit Cosmetics

Seen At 11: Counterfeit Cosmetics May Be Harmful To Your Health

Bogus beauty products may be harmful to your health and they’re being peddled to unsuspecting shoppers online.


(credit: Scharffen Berger)

Seen At 11: Chocolate Diet May Be A Dream Come True

A diet calling for daily consumption of chocolate may help you lose weigh while indulging your sweet tooth.


Synagogue Facial Recognition Camera

Seen At 11: TV Facial Recognition Technology Becomes Reality

An Upper East Side synagogue is using new facial recognition technology in an effort to increase its security.


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Seen At 11: New Work Perk Found In Long-Term Vacations

More and more businesses are allowing their employees to take weeks, months, even an entire year off from work while still keeping their jobs.


More retailers are starting to take notice of frequent online returns, and some are even punishing repeat offenders. (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Retailers Punishing Repeat Online Returners

Many retailers are starting to charge fees on all sorts of merchandise to help offset the cost of returns, which is estimated to be nearly $400 billion in losses each year.


New Jersey Driver's License Misspellings

Seen At 11: NJ DMV Changing Names Of Some Residents

The licensing systems used in many states are so outdated that they don’t allow names that have an apostrophe or hyphenations


Baby Eating

Seen At 11: Strangers Turning To Co-Parenting To Raise A Child

A growing number of people are turning to the web to find total strangers with whom to raise children.


High-end, luxury pawn shops are popping up all over, offering loans on some very pricey items. (Credit: CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Pawn Shops With A Twist

High-end, luxury pawn shops are popping up all over, offering loans on some very pricey items.


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Seen At 11: Scammers Look To Take Advantage Of Taxpayers By Posing As IRS Agents

Scammers are calling people, posing as IRS agents and claiming they are under investigation, trying to scare them into sending money either by pre-paid debit card or wire transfer.