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New Year, New You? Affordable Beauty Trends To Try In 2015

Thousands of makeup, skin and hair care items line the shelves, so which do you choose?


Frozen food options. (credit: WLNY)

Frozen Food Favorites

Nowadays there is a wealth of convenient frozen foods to choose from, including ones that are both healthy and delicious.


Has the pressure to succeed left an entire generation disillusioned and exhausted? (credit CBS 2)

Seen At 11: Coming To Grips With Your Quarter-Life Crisis

These people are only in their 20s, and are just beginning their lives. It should be a time filled with promise and possibility, but many of them are already disillusioned.


Hot peppers

Seen At 11: Proven Ways To Curb Your Hunger

We’ve all been there, feeling uncontrollably hungry. Forget about taking supplements for now there’s a way you can eat and suppress your cravings. But which foods really work to curb your hunger?


SELF Workout in the Park

Thousands Hit Central Park For ‘Self Workout In The Park’

Thousands are expected to hit Central Park on Saturday with one goal in mind: get healthy. The 18th annual Self Workout in the Park not only features great workout trends but also the gear you’ll want to work out in.