13-Year-Old Boy Bitten By Shark At Florida Beach Left With 8-Inch GashA 13-year-old boy was bitten by a shark at a Florida beach on Sunday.
N.J. Teen Recounts Horror Of Getting Bit By 6-Foot Bull Shark In FloridaChristian Mercurio of Randolph, N.J., is bandaged and healing, but said he remembers the moment a bull shark crunched down on his legs.
Safe To Go Back In The Water? Shark Sighting Sparks Caution Among Swimmers It's not the first time that it has happened, but there was a recent shark sighting at Atlantic Beach in Hempstead, and evidence shows that it may be the second sighting inside of a week.
Shark Attack Survivor From L.I. Encourages People To Donate Blood Krishna Thompson swam to shore, his lower left leg practically gone. He was rushed to the hospital and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors were forced to amputate his leg.
Talking Shark Week On The Couch: The Truth About Safety & SharksThe Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' is back - just as a wave of summer 2012 shark attacks have been reported. All of this shark hype may have you asking, is it safe to go into the water?

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