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Mugshot of Salvatore Perrone from 2001. (credit: Handout)

Alleged Gunman Indicted In Murders Of 3 Brooklyn Shopkeepers

The suspect in the murders of three Brooklyn shopkeepers was indicted Tuesday on first-degree murder charges.


John Doe with duffle bag. (credit: NYPD)

Police Looking To Question Possible Witness In Brooklyn ‘Numbers Killer’ Case; FBI Joins Hunt

The FBI has officially joined the hunt in Brooklyn for the so-called “Numbers Killer,” who is now wanted in the murders of three shopkeepers since July.


Shopkeeper Slain

Shopkeeper Shot Dead In Brooklyn Boutique; ‘Numbers Killer’ Suspected

A 78-year-old man working inside a Brooklyn clothing store was shot and killed Friday night, and police found the shooter used same .22-caliber gun as was used in two earlier shopkeeper slayings.