Harlem Shootout (credit: CBS 2)

Angel Alvarez Sues NYPD Over Police Gunfire At Harlem Block Party

Angel Alvarez suffered 27 bullet wounds during the chaos in Harlem, which began when he got into a fistfight with a neighborhood rival, and escalated when the other man pulled out a pistol.


Harlem Shootout (credit: CBS 2)

Report: No Officers Indicted In Harlem Shooting

The grand jury declined to indict the four officers who fired 46 bullets during a chaotic chain of events that unfolded Aug. 8, said the two people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the secrecy of the proceeding.


Harlem Shootout (credit: CBS 2)

Probe Extended In Harlem Block-Party Police Gunfire

Prosecutors had been scheduled to reveal Wednesday whether the only man arrested in the Aug. 8 mayhem had been indicted. But they said the case was still before the grand jury.


Harlem Shootout (credit: CBS 2)

More Details Emerge In Harlem Block Party Shootout

A police officer says he saw a gun in the hand of a collapsed man who had been shot multiple times in a burst of bullets at a Harlem block party.