A townhouse in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn has everyone's attention, thanks to an enclosed glass shower visible to the neighborhood. (Photo: CBS 2)

Published Reports Reveal Identities Of Homeowners With Exposed Glass Shower

The identities of the owners of a Cobble Hill, Brooklyn home with an exposed glass shower were revealed in published reports Tuesday.


Credit 1010 WINS Reporter Sonia Rincon.

Soundview Family Plagued By Massive Plumbing Problem

A Soundview family has been plagued by plumbing problems for the past five years, things have gotten so bad that they are being forced to take showers outside.


Generic Police Photo (credit:

Burglar Leaves Evidence Behind After Showering In NJ Home

Leonia police said the suspect dropped a shirt and sock while fleeing when the resident came home.


Nancy Trent (L) , Alice Feiring (R) (Photo/CBS 2)

Some New Yorkers Defying The Culture Of Cleanliness

Writer Alice Feiring said she doesn’t shower every day because she “doesn’t tend to smell.” Public relations executive Nancy Trent said she has never used deodorant in her life.


Perseid Meteor Shower

Do you want to see some shooting stars?