NASA says it may be able to better predict where sinkholes will occur with new technology. (Credit: CBS 2)

NASA Technology Could Help Predict Sinkholes

NASA says it may be able to predict where the next big sinkhole will occur with new technology strapped to the belly of a jet.


A family on Staten Island has a sinkhole problem, which may be related to Hurricane Sandy, but FEMA and the insurance company is not helping out. (Photo: CBS 2)

The Endless Recovery: Sinkholes Proving To Be Big Problem On Staten Island

It’s gone from bad to worse for some storm-weary Staten Island residents who are trying to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Now, they’re coping with a sinkhole nightmare.


Sinkholes caused by Hurricane Sandy

First Trash And Sewage, Now Sinkholes Causing Concern For Sandy Victims

One New York City neighborhood is dealing with yet another problem in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Sinkholes have been discovered in several backyards.


A sinkhole on Seymour Avenue in the Bronx (credit: John Montone/1010 WINS)

Pelham Parkway Residents Get Results After Complaining About Sinkholes

Residents on Seymour Avenue in the Bronx said they had been calling 311 for months to report the block is being plagued by sinkholes.