Small Government

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Gov. Christie Rallies Republicans With Small Gov Talk

Christie said Republicans must deliver on their promises if they gain power in November. If they don’t, voters will send the GOP “to the wilderness, and they are going to send us there for a long, long time.”


Carl Paladino on stage after winning the Republican Gubernatorial primary (AP Photo/Don Heupel)

Paladino: NY’ers Are Fed Up With Government

Paladino spoke with 1010 WINS Wednesday and said his primary victory was a message from New Yorkers that they weren’t going to take politics as usual anymore.


Carl Paladino thanks the voters for putting him ahead of Rick Lazio. (credit: CBS 2)

Strong Brew: Tea Party Rocks GOP In NY

Early on, Carl Paladino wasn’t taken seriously, and until recently Rick Lazio refused to even utter his name, but as CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports, the Tea Party-backed candidate stunned the nation with an unlikely win.