snow removal

Firefighters in Bensonhurst helping remove snow (credit: CBS 2)

City Council Blasts NYC Commissioners Over Blizzard Snafu

The hearings made it crystal clear — the city’s response to the Dec. 26 blizzard was too little, too late, and key decisions were simply not made by city leaders on autopilot.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty (AP Photo/Office of the Mayor, Samantha Modell)

Bloomberg, Dept. Heads Prep For Blizzard Hearing

Members of the Bloomberg administration will finally be called on the carpet on Monday to publicly explain how they blew the blizzard response.


Department of Sanitation trucks

Swift Cleanup Eases Residents’ Concerns

Even though Friday’s storm wasn’t much to speak about in the five boroughs, the City’s aggressive response was a comfort to many still upset from the blizzard.


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Snow Response Batters Bloomberg’s Approval Rating

New York City took a beating during last week’s blizzard, and as it turns out, so did Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s popularity, particularly in the outer boroughs.


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Garbage Pile-Up Stops Man’s Apparent Suicide Attempt

Police said a 26-year-old man jumped from a 9th floor Manhattan window Sunday, but had his fall padded by a pile of uncollected trash bags.


(Photo/CBS 2)

Blizzard Response Hampers City Garbage Collection

For most New Yorkers, the beauty of the holidays is being overshadowed by the ugliness of growing mounds of garbage.


Mayor Bloomberg (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Bloomberg: New Yorkers Also To Blame For Blizzard Mess

Even as Mayor Bloomberg now admits the city could have done better in response to the winter white-out brought on by a post-Christmas blizzard, he’s not taking all the blame.


Oceanview Ave, off Brighton and 10th Street Brooklyn Wednesday/Juliet Papa

Blizzard 2010: Has Your Street Been Plowed Yet?

As you all know, a holiday blizzard walloped the Tri-State Area over the weekend. It is now Tuesday and many people are still snowed in, and several streets remain untouched.


(Photo/Getty Images)

Property Owners Must Remove Snow Or Face Fines

New Yorkers could face a hefty fine if they don’t start removing snow, ice and dirt from sidewalks.