Winter Weather Comes Early Across Tri-StateThe cold weather had people digging into their closets for their winter weather gear for the first time this season.
WATCH: It's Late April And It's SnowingOne CBS2 viewer sent us a video through the CBS New York weather app of a snow squall Thursday in Port Jervis.
3/31 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather HeadlinesIt has been a chilly rain and uncomfortable conditions walking around this evening. But luckily, it's going to be outta here before you know it!
3/31 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesHope you're off to a good day. It's not a terribly cold start, but we still have one too many 30-degree readings on the board for my liking.
3/30 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe were in the mid-50s today, and this week will be generally milder. Thursday and Friday are both pushing 60, if not breaking the 60-degree mark.
3/28 CBS2 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesWhile the calendar DOES say that it's March 28th, it sure doesn't feel like it! Today felt more like early February with areas of snow especially over Long Island.
3/28 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesI know what you're thinking... where's spring?! It's definitely not around today, as we're once again dealing with a winter chill this afternoon around the Tri-State complete with cold and snow.
3/27 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesIf you live well north and west, you could see some flakes flying due to the cold air rushing in on the backside. A rumble is even possible very early this morning.
3/26 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe're peaking our temps right now in Manhattan with a reading of 56-59°.
3/26 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesFor those of you commuting this morning, expect some lowered visibility due to fog. Showers will also be around. On-and-off rain with some embedded thunder is the forecast today.
3/22 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather HeadlinesIt's a cold morning across the area with many folks below freezing.
CBS2 3/21 Saturday Evening Weather HeadlinesHope you had a chance to enjoy the relatively warmer temps compared to yesterday, when we dealt with a sneaky Spring surprise.
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