Social Security Recipients To See 0.3% Cost-Of-Living Increase In 2017Millions of Social Security recipients and federal retirees will get a monthly increase in benefits of just 0.3 percent in 2017.
Feds Shut 2 Loopholes In Social SecurityThe new rules on restricted applications apply to people who reach age 62 in 2015.
NJ Senate President Rips Christie's Social Security ProposalSpeaking in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Christie unveiled his national proposal to reform the Social Security system, which includes reducing payments for those making over $80,000 while phasing out Social Security altogether for those bringing in over $200,000.
Christie Proposes Pushing Back Age Of Eligibility For Social Security, MedicareChristie's proposal is part of a plan he says will cut deficits by $1 trillion over a decade, an approach he said would confront the nation's "biggest challenges in an honest way.''
Auditor: 46 NJ Lottery Winners Used Fraudulent Social Security Numbers To Collect WinningsForty-six New Jersey lottery winners from July 2013 to July 2014 used Social Security numbers of dead people to collect their winnings, the state auditor said.
How To Max Out Your Social SecurityHow does getting more money sound? Laurence Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solomon have three tips for getting the most out of your social security.
Seniors Seeing Student Loan Payments Taken Out Of Social Security ChecksMillions of Americans are having difficulty paying off their student loans, and some senior citizens are finding out what happens if they default on those loans.
Rep. Maloney: Stop Social Security Benefits For Nazi CollaboratorsThe bill is expected to be introduced in Congress next month after midterm elections.
Seen At 11: Social Security Keystroke Mistake Declares Elderly Woman DeadDeclared dead by social security? Believe it or not, that’s what happens to thousands of living people each year.
Retired Cop Pleads Guilty To Involvement In Disability ScamA 70-year-old retired police officer, Joseph Esposito, has plead guilty to stealing more than a million dollars in social security benefits.
Rep. Steve Israel: Remove Social Security Numbers From Medicare Cards To Curb ID Theft"On the one hand the federal government says 'protect your Social Security number.' On the other hand, it advertises your Social Security number on 50 million Medicare cards in the United States," Israel said.
Dozens Of Former NYC Police Officers, Firefighters Charged In Massive Disability ScamMore than 100 former New York City workers, including scores of retired police officers, firefighters and prison guards, have been charged with faking psychiatric problems in order to get federal Social Security disability benefits, prosecutors said.

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