Southwest Flight Attendant Makes Entire Announcement In Style Of 'Looney Tunes'-- And It's Super Impressive A Southwest flight attendant is taking the internet by storm after video surfaced of him making a two-minute announcement with the full "Looney Tunes" treatment.
Family Wants Answers After Elderly Woman Finds Herself Stranded At Newark AirportA family is looking for answers after a woman was left all alone, sitting in a wheelchair at Newark Airport.
Video: Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Delivers Hilarious Safety AnnouncementWanna get away? You would if you had this flight attendant on your plane.
Southwest Airlines Fires Pilot In LaGuardia Nose-Dive LandingSixteen people were injured on July 22 when the jetliner touched down on the runway, nose first, before its gear collapsed. The Boeing 737, which had come in from Nashville, Tenn., ended up in a grassy area next to the runway where passengers used chutes to escape.
Woman Says Southwest Told Her She Couldn't Board Flight To N.Y. Due To Her CleavageYou are now free to move about the country. Unless you show too much cleavage?
Southwest Airlines Buying AirTranThe buyout, funded mostly with debt, will also give Southwest a bigger slice of the market in cities like Boston and New York, where it has been expanding.
More Flight Attendant Heroics After Mom Slaps BabyA mother told aviation police she slapped her crying 13-month-old daughter on a flight between Dallas and Albuquerque because the child kicked her, authorities said.

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