East Harlem Residents Say City’s War On K2 Improved Quality Of LifeA cool East Harlem evening in May 2016, feels far removed from the heat of last August, when homeless people openly smoked synthetic marijuana known as K2.
City Council Looks To Crack Down On Synthetic Marijuana With Proposed BillsIt's already illegal in New York, but manufacturers can circumvent the law by changing the mix of chemical additives when certain substances are banned.
Lawmakers Calling For Tougher Penalties To Combat Sales Of Synthetic MarijuanaLawmakers in New York are calling for tougher penalties for people who are caught selling synthetic marijuana.
Residents Demand Mayor, City Take Action On Synthetic Marijuana UseMayor Bill de Blasio is set to reveal his plan to deal with the homeless and mentally ill on Thursday, and the night before, two neighborhoods that strongly supported the mayor said help cannot come soon enough.
Bratton: Synthetic Marijuana Gives Homeless Users 'Superhuman Strength,' Makes Them 'Impervious To Pain'The NYPD is sounding the alarm about a synthetic drug, saying it is favored by the homeless. It makes people irrational, impervious to pain and very dangerous.
NYC's 5 Best Fall- And Winter-Flavored BitesFrom Asian to French fusion to New York City's foodie favorite Thanksgiving croissant, enjoy the flavors of fall at these 5 restaurants.
Synthetic Marijuana Still Available In New York Despite OrderIn spite of a New York State Health Department order telling stores to stop selling synthetic marijuana, it is still available. The product has been found in stores all around New York, from bodegas in the Bronx to gas stations on Long Island.
Suffolk County Approves Synthetic Marijuana BanThe synthetic drug, sold under the names of "Legal Phunk,'' "Spice,'' and other brands, is often disguised as incense or potpourri.
Furry Friend Finder: SpiceSpice is a 3-year-old Weimaraner and is looking for a new home.
Rockland Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski Calls For Ban On Synthetic MarijuanaA New York lawmaker wants parents not to fear what their kids might pick up at the mall.

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