Woman Arrested For Leaving Flying Squirrel In A Hot CarThe owner of a "flying squirrel" in South Carolina was arrested after she allegedly left the rare pet alone in a hot car.
Police Capture Squirrel Stealing Cookies From Family HomeIt wasn't Cookie Monster who was caught crumb-handed stealing treats from this family's cookie jar!
Crowded Subway Not Jumping For Joy Over Furry Eastside RiderA squirrel's quick commute on a downtown-bound 6 train was caught on video by one quick-camera Instagram user.
Aggressive, Potentially Rabid Squirrel Bites 5 People In Prospect ParkAnyone who might have been bitten by a squirrel near the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance since July 10 is urged to see a doctor immediately.
New Jerseyans Dealing With Squirrel Invasion Caused By Mild WinterThe folks in the Garden State are feeling encroached upon by those gray, nut-gathering rodents.
Squirrel Invades N.J. Classroom, Gives Second Graders Quite A Tale To TellSome second graders got a sudden and scary wildlife lesson on Thursday after a squirrel jumped in to their classroom and on to three of the kids.
Lucky Squirrel Survives Zoo Tiger Encounter UpstateThere's a very lucky squirrel in Buffalo.
New Jersey School Fire Blamed On SquirrelAbsegami High School remains closed Wednesday.

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