NJ Woman Ends Up In Court After Taking In Abandoned SquirrelsHowell resident Maria Vaccarella said she reluctantly became a baby squirrel expert after a squirrel mother abandoned her babies on her property over the summer.
Norwalk Blames Squirrels For Chewing Christmas Tree LightsIt took someone in a bucket truck more than three hours to go up and down the tree to find and replace other chewed wires.
Pest Control Specialists Work Overtime To Round Up Unwanted House Guests In WestchesterPest control specialists are working overtime to round-up all kinds of creatures in Westchester.
Squirrel Squad Members Volunteer To Save Critters In CrisisThe Squirrel Squad finds injured animals in the wild, squirrels in particular, takes them home, and nurses them back to health.
New Jerseyans Dealing With Squirrel Invasion Caused By Mild WinterThe folks in the Garden State are feeling encroached upon by those gray, nut-gathering rodents.
Police Pursue Prospect Park Pigeon PoachersAccording to parkgoers, the possibly homeless group of hunters first catch small animals, like a pigeon, and then roast their kill over an open fire.
Dogs Making NYC Park A Hazard Zone For Squirrels?Some chess players said a woman was letting her two large dogs off the leash in areas of Washington Square Park where they've been viciously attacking squirrels.

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