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Danielle Watkins

Another Stamford HS Staffer To Be Fired After Teacher-Student Sex Scandal

It appears the assistant principal, Angela Thomas Graves, will likely be fired over the scandal.


Danielle Watkins

2 Stamford High School Administrators Being Fired After Teacher-Student Sex Scandal

The shakeup comes in response to the conviction of former English teacher Danielle Watkins, who was sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with a student.


Danielle Watkins

Stamford Teacher Sentenced To Prison For Inappropriate Relationships With Students

A former Stamford High School teacher who reportedly had sex with one of her students and supplied marijuana to others was sentenced to prison Wednesday.


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Judge Grants Accelerated Rehab To Stamford HS Admins Charged With Failing To Report Sexual Abuse

A Stamford, Connecticut, judge has granted accelerated rehabilitation to two high school administrators charged with failing to report sexual abuse of a student.


Danielle Watkins

Stamford HS Admins Plead Not Guilty To Failing To Report Student-Teacher Relationship

The Stamford High School principal and vice principal both appeared in court Wednesday on charges they failed to report to a sexual relationship between a teacher and a study to authorities.


Danielle Watkins

Police: Stamford HS Principal, Assistant Principal Failed To Report Teacher-Student Sexual Relationship

A Connecticut high school principal and assistant principal have been charged with failing to report a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student.


Danielle Watkins

Conn. H.S. Teacher Held On Bond For Alleged Sexual Relationship With Student

A Stamford High School teacher is being held on bond after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student.


Stamford High School

Stamford High Cracks Down In Wake Of Alcohol Poisoning

A tough cell phone search program is being credited for saving a Stamford High School freshman who got into trouble with alcohol.


Stamford High School

CT Students Arrested After Allegedly Going To Class High

“It was horrific she passed out,” said Principal Donna Valentine of Stamford H.S. “She was freezing. It was 27 degrees out. If we had not gotten to her it wouldve been fatal.”


Stamford High School

Teen Found Drunk, Unresponsive In Stamford High Football Stadium

The principal at Stamford High and her staff rushed to the aid of a freshman girl who had been left by her teen drinking buddies before the start of school Wednesday.