Ex-Deputy Mayor Goldsmith 'Regrets' Criticism Of BloombergNew York City mayor Michael Bloomberg says former deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith, who quit after being arrested on a domestic violence charge, would have otherwise been fired.
Officials Want Mayor Bloomberg To 'Come Clean' About Deputy Mayor's Resignation"It's time for City Hall to come clean and give us a real explanation about the arrest about the circumstances of Mr. Goldsmith's dismissal and to be forthcoming with the public and the press," said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.
Report: Ex-NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge Days Before ResignationPolice say Goldsmith shoved his wife into a kitchen counter after she reportedly told him she "should have put a bullet through'' him "years ago.''
No Relief From The Heat As Temps Hit Record HighsIt was another record-breaking scorcher on Saturday. Highs were at or near 100 degrees in New York City, a temperature not felt on July 23 in two decades.
NYC Wants $600 Million From Tech Giant In CityTime Payroll System ScandalFederal prosecutors have said that nearly the entire sum the city spent on the project was tainted by an epic fraud that involved hundreds of contractors, systemic overbilling and an international money-laundering conspiracy.
New York City Cutting Back On Outside ConsultantsWhat is the opposite of outsourcing? Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith calls it insourcing.
Mayor Declares Weather Emergency; Storm IntensifiesIn a frantic effort to avoid another chaotic and dangerous situation, the mayor and top agencies released a 15-point action plan to combat future storms, including the one expected to hit Tuesday.
City Council Blasts NYC Commissioners Over Blizzard SnafuThe hearings made it crystal clear -- the city's response to the Dec. 26 blizzard was too little, too late, and key decisions were simply not made by city leaders on autopilot.
Bloomberg, Dept. Heads Prep For Blizzard HearingMembers of the Bloomberg administration will finally be called on the carpet on Monday to publicly explain how they blew the blizzard response.
NYC Moving Sanitation Supervisors To The StreetsNew York City's Sanitation Department says it will put more workers on the streets by reassigning supervisors and adding 100 new hires for trash and snow removal.

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