Steve Silverman

Silverman: 'Genius' Chip Kelly Has Figured Out How To Lose In NFLAs his Philadelphia Eagles were getting obliterated by the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, the look on Chip Kelly's face said it all.
Silverman: Giants Really Need To Take Advantage Of Gift NFC EastIf the Giants had set goals for themselves at the start of the season, it would not have included having a 5-5 record after Week 11.
Silverman: Texans' D Not All That, As Ivory, Jets Will ShowOoh, the Jets are facing the Houston Texans this Sunday, and that means there will be trouble. But not like you might think.
Silverman: First-Place Giants Need To Assert Themselves Down StretchA 5-5 record has been good enough to put the Giants in first place in the disappointing NFC East.
Silverman: Giants' Coughlin Is The One Coach That Can Handle BelichickConcentrating on the Xs and Os and coming up with a strategy is not the only thing on Bill Belichick’s mind this week, no matter how he or any of his close associates paint it.
Silverman: Defense And Game Management May Just Sink Giants' SeasonThe Giants are in first place, but if you think they are a good football team you need to have your head examined.
Silverman: NFL Young Guns Carr, Winston & Bortles Passing Anointed PhenomsJust a couple of years ago, it looked like the next great group quarterbacks would be led by a trio that included Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. But there are some new kids now on the block.
Silverman: Rickety Manning Must Turn Back The Clock To Compete With RodgersManning has the know-how and the supporting cast to make this a game, and it could be a Mile-High classic Sunday night.
Silverman: 2015 Mets Are Reminiscent Of The Miracle '69 Team, And That Bodes WellThese Mets have the same characteristics as their direct relatives, and it will be difficult to stop them.
Silverman: Matchups -- Not Emotions -- Should Help Jets Against PatriotsAny time your previous head coach was as bombastic and outspoken as Rex Ryan, it’s easy to make comparisons with the current leader and come to definitive conclusions.
Silverman: It's The Year Of The Undefeated In NFL, But No Teams Will Run TableAll of these teams have flaws – including the Patriots and the Packers – and there are no guarantees that any of these teams will end up playing in Super Bowl 50.
Silverman: Heaven Sent — Cubs’ Power Vs. Mets' Pitching Will Provide Classic SeriesIt’s a battle that may come down to the ninth inning of the seventh game, and may end up with a powerful young team going to its first World Series since 1945.
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