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Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Jurors Shown Charred Beds, Gas Containers In Cheshire Home Invasion Trial

The evidence was presented by prosecutors in the trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky, who faces a possible death sentence if convicted.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Cheshire Home Invasion Trial: Confession Tape Of Accused Joshua Komisarjevsky Released

For the first time in four years the public is hearing the voice of Cheshire home invasion suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky. The police confession tapes give a glimpse of what was going on inside his mind back in July 2007.


Dr. William Petit (credit: Associated Press, FILE)

Lone Survivor Testifies In 2nd Cheshire Home Invasion Trial

Dr. William Petit testified in New Haven Superior Court in the trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky, who faces a possible death sentence if convicted.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Second Cheshire Home Invasion Trial Begins

The trial of 31-year-old Joshua Komisarjevsky, charged with the killings of a woman and her two daughters during a home invasion in 2007, got off to a contentious start today.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

CT Home Invasion Defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky Seeks Trial Delay

Komisarjevsky’s attorneys cited comments Sen. Edith Prague made to an online political newspaper, Ct News Junkie, in which she said Komisarjevsky should be hung by his genitals from a tree.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

Judge Nixes Plea Deal For Komisarjevsky In Cheshire Home Invasion

The offer from Joshua Komisarjevsky came a week before the start of jury selection for his trial that could lead to the death penalty.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (L) and Steven Hayes (R) (credit: handout)

Jury Selection Continues In 2nd Cheshire Home Invasion Trial

The trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky started last week with jury selection, a process that could take months as prospective jurors are questioned by prosecutors and defense attorneys.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (credit: Handout)

No Jurors Selected Yet In 2nd Cheshire Home Invasion Trial

The judge told attorneys before prospective jurors were brought into New Haven Superior Court that any who cry or panic when they learn the graphic nature of the case would be excused.


Judge Jon C. Blue (AP Photo/Jessica Hill); Joshua Komisarjevsky (AP Photo/Connecticut State Police)

Judge Denies Bid To Dismiss Charges In 2007 Cheshire Home Invasion Case

Attorneys for Joshua Komisarjevsky argued evidence showed that co-defendant, Steven Hayes, killed Jennifer Hawke Petit and lit the fire that lead to the deaths of her daughters.


Joshua Komisarjevsky (Mugshot)

Lawyers Want Judge Out In CT Home Invasion Case

Attorneys for Joshua Komisarjevsky are seeking to have New Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue removed from his trial. Another judge will consider the request Tuesday.


Steven Hayes - File / Photo: Connecticut State Police via AP

Hayes Sentenced To Die For Cheshire Murders

The monster that killed a mother and her two daughters in their Connecticut home broke his silence in court on Thursday, moments before he was sentenced to die.


Steven Hayes - File / Photo: Connecticut State Police via AP

Judge Hears Challenge To Conn. Death Sentence

Attorneys for a man condemned to die for a deadly home invasion tried to convince a judge Wednesday that the jury was unduly swayed by emotion, but the judge said the jurors’ reactions were natural given the crime’s “unimaginable horror.”


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Cheshire Home Invasion Jurors Get Counseling

Out of concern for the shell-shocked jury, Connecticut’s Judicial Branch took the rare step of offering counseling services.


Jennifer Hawke-Petit

More Anguish: Cheshire Readies For Death Penalty Trial 2

The stage is now set for another death penalty trial in the home invasion murders of a mother and her two children in Connecticut.


Dr. William Petit and Steven Hayes (credit: AP)

Jurors Speak Out On Hayes Death Sentence

Hayes’ fate will likely be delayed by years of appeals, but the jurors were unanimous in their view that life in prison was simply not enough for his role in the 2007 home invasion.