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Can Stress Shrink Your Brain? Research Says Diet May Improve Mood, Work Performance

Long-term exposure to stress floods the brain with cortisol, which damages neurons making them smaller. Part of the brain affected by stress controls problem solving and memory: in extreme cases, the results can be serious.


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Study: High-Stress Jobs Could Pose Health Risk To Working Women

A new study suggests that women in high-stress jobs might be risking their health simply by going to work.


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Peer Counseling Bill For NJ Vets Heads To Gov. Christie

Vet-2-Vet, a toll-free confidential help line, was created years ago by the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


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Author Warns Work Interruptions Can Increase Summertime Office Stress

Spira, author the book “Overload: How Too Much Information Is Hazardous To Your Organization,” says a little empathy goes a long way to reducing stress in the workplace in the summer.


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Is Watching The Big Game Hazardous To Your Health?

Jets fans are certainly no strangers to stress. Mix that with a big game and you could have cause for concern.


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Study: Stressed Women Have Higher Heart Attack Risk

The study also found that women who worried about losing their jobs had higher blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels.


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Study: New Yorkers Most Stressed Out People In U.S.

New York is number one for a lot of things and now you can add stress to the list.


Study: Can Money Buy Happiness?

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Money can’t buy happiness. So why do so many people continue to try and accumulate riches? New studies examine the correlation between big bucks and bliss.

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Stressed Out? Signs Your Health Is In Danger

How do you know if you’re just overwhelmed with a busy schedule, or if you’re in serious danger from being stressed out?