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4/19 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

Good Sunday morning, folks! It’s going to be another lovely day across the area.


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4/17 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather Headlines

As expected, it’s a damp one out there today. We’ll be dealing with on-and-off showers moving through for the rest of this afternoon and early evening, so keep the umbrella handy!


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2/22 CBS2 Sunday Morning Weather Headlines

Good morning everybody! We’re seeing some rain showers for much of the area, but temps are a bit too close for comfort to the freezing mark.



12/30 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Winter is here and we’re feelin’ it this morning. Temps are in the teens up to the north and 20s close to the water. Its definitely a “layers” day if your going to be outdoors.


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12/18 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

A chilly start today for most of us. Widespread 30s are being felt. The partial clearing this morning should give way to some more substantial clearing later on.


12/17 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Mild temps ruled the day, but clouds have been filling in since noon. Temps peaked in the mid 50s — actually it’s the normal for March 29! So we’re a little ahead of schedule.


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12/4 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

Man, it felt great to see the sun today! Although were still not above the norm, I’d still call today pleasant.


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12/3 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’ll be waking up in the 20s and 30s again tomorrow. Not our coldest… but still coat-worthy.


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11/15 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather Headlines

Make sure you dress warmly as you step outside today. Despite plentiful sunshine, we can expect a high around 41 degrees for the City, and stuck in the 30s for the northwest ‘burbs.



‘Absolutely Gorgeous Weather’ For This Weekend

CBS 2 Meteorologist John Marshall tells us to expect plenty of sunshine and “absolutely gorgeous weather” for the weekend.


In this handout satellite image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Earl is seen on August 30, 2010 in the Atlantic Ocean as seen from space. (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

Tri-State Making Preparations Ahead Of Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl is moving toward the east coast — bringing high winds, rough surf and the potential for dangerous rip-tides.