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Dr. Max Gomez: Healthcare Experts Express Concern Over ‘Superfood’ Powders

There is a new trend in the supplement world known as ‘superfood powders.’


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2 In The Kitchen: Superfood Salad: Roast Heirloom Beets And Smoked Goat Cheese

We are wrapping up Superfoods week with beets with Chef John Johnson of the Four Seasons.


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2 In The Kitchen Superfoods Week: Roasted Pumpkin, Wheatberry And Kale Salad

Today we’re featuring wheatberries ( and a few others) with “Chopped” contestant and Chef and Teacher James Briscone of The Institute of Culinary Education on 23rd Street in Manhattan.


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2 In The Kitchen: Quick Use-Your-Veggies Quinoa Soup

Each day this week we’ll showcase a Superfood to incorporate into your diet!



The Latest Superfood Craze: Pitaya

From pomegranate to coconut water to Acai – the list of so-called “superfoods” keeps growing. So what’s the latest one that has health nuts hungry?



Seen At 11: Flatten Your Belly By Eating!

Call it a spare tire, a pot belly or just middle aged spread. Dreaded belly fat plagues millions of men and women. It’s unsightly and dangerous to our health.


Mangosteens (Photo:AFP/Getty Images)

The 2011 Crop Of ‘Superfoods’

It’s not every day that you see a mangosteen or sea buckthorn berries in your supermarket, but you’re very likely to see them now.