Taylor Hooton Foundation

Anti-Steroids Activist Weighs In On A-Rod's Full Season SuspensionA-Rod lectured about the evils of steroids when he went on a contrition tour after his first go around with drugs. Don Hooton of the Taylor Hooton Foundation said he hopes A-Rod's punishment sends a message.
Keidel: A-Rod Has Devolved From Diabolical To Delusional A-Rod makes it impossible for anyone but his lawyers to defend him. And they do so because he pays them. What's your excuse?
Hooton Foundation Feels A-Rod Owes Them An ExplanationDon Hooton said Rodriguez had done an outstanding job for the foundation but all the good work has been wiped out by the suspension.
Keidel: We Shouldn't Be Angry About A-Rod's Money, But Rather His Lies We aren't angry at A-Rod because he makes the most money, but because he told the most lies. His montage of malfeasance is galling even by our subterranean standards.