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‘Te’oing’ Trend Lights Up The Internet As Hoax Story Unfolds

Talk about fantasy football. The Internet is ablaze Thursday morning with pictures of folks putting their arms around their invisible, non-existent girlfriend.


Tim Tebow (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Where To Go From Here? Tim Tebow’s Next Move Is Anybody’s Guess

Tim Tebow was two wins from the Super Bowl a year ago. Now, he’s pretty much a player without a team — likely to be released by the Jets after one frustrating season.


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The New ‘Tebowing’: ‘Kaepernicking’ Craze Takes Off After 49ers Win

Forget Tebowing. Bradying? So 2012. Kaepernicking is all the craze now.


MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 23: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the New York Jest prepares to play the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on September 23, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow Is Trademarking ‘Tebowing’

The New York Jets backup quarterback is trademarking “Tebowing,” the move in which he goes down on one knee and holds a clenched fist against his forehead while praying during games.


Tim Tebow (credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images), Jim Cantore (credit: Jonathan Saruk/The Weather Channel via Getty Images)

Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore Tebows During Hurricane Isaac

With all eyes Wednesday morning on New Orleans and Hurricane Isaac, television viewers expected to see pounding rain and wind-battered correspondents. But they probably weren’t counting on an impromptu “Tebowing.”


Tim Tebow (credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Jets’ Tebow: ‘Accountability Partner’ Helps Balance Faith, Football

The most important call of Tim Tebow’s day comes far away from the huddle. It’s usually sometime at night, when football is the furthest thing on the Jets backup quarterback’s mind.


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Tim Tebow Urges Men To ‘Get In The Game’ Of Christianity During Father’s Day Chat

Tebow scored a road win Sunday to the believers on hand at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, some of whom arrived hours early to hear his message of sacrifice, prayer and the importance of athletes as role models.


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Tebow’s Arrival Brings The Most Polarizing NY Sports Figures In Recent Memory To Mind

Tim Tebow’s evangelical personality and playing style have New Yorkers divided on Tebowmania. But this isn’t the first time in recent memory that a polarizing sports star has come to town and inhabited the back pages.


Quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media as he is introduced as a New York Jet on March 26, 2012 in Florham Park. (credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images Sport)

Somers’ Monologue: Maybe Tebow Could Turn Jets’ Whines Into Wins

More than 200 members of the media attended Tim Tebow’s introduction on Monday. Maybe because they’ve never seen eternal salvation in a coat and tie.


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Crazed Tebowmania Following Now Turns Eyes To Big Apple

Lifelong Gators fan Mike Beattie followed every development of the Tim Tebow trade. After it finally ended, his wife turned to him and said, “Do we have to start rooting for the Jets?” And there it is: the definition of Tebowmania.


Wayne Drexel, Connor Carroll, Tyler Carroll, and Jordan Fulcoly celebrating news of Tim Tebow coming to New York (Credit: Mona Rivera 1010 WINS)

Riverhead Students Suspended For ‘Tebowing’ Celebrate Quarterback Joining The Jets

Tebow-mania is in full swing in New York especially in Riverhead where several students were reprimanded last year for paying tribute to their hero.



New York To Test Tebow, On And Off The Field

Welcome to The Big Apple, Tim Tebow. If you can make it there … well, let’s just say the attention you received in Denver will seem like a quick once-over compared to the microscope you’ll be under in Manhattan.


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Is Knicks Sensation Jeremy Lin The New Tim Tebow?

First there was “Tebowing.” Then came “Bradying.” Now “Linsanity” is taking over the Internet.


Tim Tebow (credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images Sport)

Riverhead H.S. Student Connor Carroll Serves In-School Suspension For ‘Tebowing’

One of two brothers suspended for paying tribute to Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow served an in-school suspension Friday.


Tim Tebow

2 Riverhead High School Students Suspended For ‘Tebowing’

Mimicking kneeling down to pray — the trademark move has been dubbed “Tebowing” — is what got senior Connor Carroll and his twin brother, Tyler, in big trouble.