Minimally-Invasive Pump Could Be A Life Saver For Heart Attack PatientsWhen you hear the words artificial, implantable heart pump, you probably think major surgery and a very large device.
Heterosexual Pride Day Becomes Top Trend On TwitterWhat appears to be a tongue-in-cheek social media movement to mark June 29 as a day to celebrate heterosexual pride has become one of the day's top online trends.
‘Nanit’ Baby Monitor Could Improve Sleep Quality For You And Your BabyNow, brand new technology to monitor your child's sleep quality is here to help. The Nanit is safely hung above a crib to give a bird's eye view of your child's sleep patterns.
Waze Navigation App Considers Controversial New Feature After Brazil MurderWaze, the smartphone navigation app used by more than 50 million drivers, is considering some controversial new features in the name of safety.
FBI Issues New Warning About 'Ransomware'"Ransomware" is a type of malware that encrypts all of the files on a computer and a hacker demands a ransom to decrypt the system.
Free Wi-Fi Kiosks Prompt Concerns Of Potential Misuse By Homeless New YorkersPayphones are being replaced with high-tech kiosks that offer internet access and smartphone charging, but some fear they're becoming hotspots for the homeless.
‘Kinvolved’ App Helps Teachers, Parents Crackdown On Student TruancyNot only does it track attendance, but tardiness as well, and can be used for everyday communication with parents.
Proton Therapy Offers Hope To Those With Inoperable Brain, Spinal TumorsA person is diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor about every six minutes in the U.S. Proton therapy could offer those patients new hope.
Photos, Videos Soon Won't Count Against Twitter Character LimitIn coming months, photos, videos and other media won't count against what is now a 140-character limit. That means more wordy tweets are on the way.
Patients Beware: Experts Say Your Favorite Health App Could Provide False InformationEveryone has heard the saying 'there's an app for that' and one of the hottest areas for apps these days is in health and wellness.
Seen At 11: ‘Digital Immortality’ Could Cloning A Loved One Soon Be A Reality?Would you want to live forever? How about your parents? Would you want to be able to ask for their advice long after they're gone?
Spring Weather Brings Increased Risk That Women Will Fall Victim To ‘Upskirting’You could be a victim and not even know it, thanks to something known as 'upskirting.'

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