Aaron Foss has come up with a way to combat robocalls. (credit: CBS 2)

Port Jefferson Man Wins FTC Contest With System To Stop Robocalls

A Long Island man may have solved one of the perpetual annoyances of living in the telephone age.


Glowing Telephone (credit:

Suffolk County Police Warn Of Costly Telephone Scam

In the wake of a spike in incidents, Suffolk County police issued a warning Tuesday about a telephone scam in which people are tricked into wiring money for what they think is a family member in trouble.


Green Dot MoneyPak (credit: CBS 2)

PSE&G Warns Customers Of Utility Payment Scam

The customer is told to avoid having service cut off, he must purchase a prepaid debit card and call back.


Remote Control - File / Photo: AP

New Jersey Cable Deregulation Bill On Hold

Telephone and cable companies support the measure, which was fast-tracked through the Assembly and was on its way to the governor’s desk before hitting a roadblock.