Sunday, April 17 weather

Tri-State Rebounds With Fair Skies, Temps Near Normal

The Tri-State weather has rebounded on Sunday after a vicious storm ripped through the area, leaving flooding and nonstop rain through the night.


Saturday, April 16 weather

Heavy Rains Soak Tri-State, Bring Flooding Concerns

A low pressure system is moving into the Tri-State area and will bring 1 to 1.5 inches of rain along with potential flooding.


Sunday, April 10 weather

Clouds Slowly Moving In, But Temps Remain Mild

Clouds are slowly moving into the Tri-State, but the temperatures will remain mild as the area sees a high of 59 degrees on Sunday.


Saturday, April 9 weather

Temps To Reach 60 In Tri-State For Saturday

Spring may have finally arrived on Saturday as the Tri-State preps for a pleasant, mostly sunny day.


Sunday, April 3 weather

Spring Finally Hits The Tri-State; Temps Hit 58 Degrees

Sunday’s forecast is expected to be mostly sunny thanks to a high pressure system hanging in over the area. Fair skies will bring a high of 58 degrees throughout the day.


Saturday, April 2 weather

High Pressure System Bringing Wind, Sun To Tri-State

Temperatures are on the upswing in the Tri-State but will remain cold this weekend as a high pressure system moves into the area.


Sunday, March 27 weather

Tri-State Stays Cold, But Sunny, For Sunday

The winter simply does not want to leave the Tri-State as the weekend remains below freezing.


Saturday, March 26 weather

Temps Drop To 30s As Tri-State Stays Bitter Cold All Day

The Tri-State may be nearly a week into spring, but winter is not leaving anytime soon.


Sunday, March 20 weather

Spring Starts Off On A Cold Spot With Freezing Temps Across Tri-State

The first day of spring may be here, but the Tri-State is still shivering. Freezing temperatures are blanketing much of the area and a wintry mix of rain and snow is expected Sunday overnight into Monday.


Saturday, March 9 weather

Winter To End Pleasantly In Tri-State With Cool, Crisp Temps

As the Tri-State preps for the Supermoon, residents can also prep for the first day of spring.


Sunday, March 13 weather

Temps Rise To 50s As Spring Approaches

With a week until the start of spring, temperatures are beginning to feel like spring, rising to the 50s on Sunday in the Tri-State.


Saturday, March 12 weather

Mostly Sunny Skies, But Breezy On Tri-State’s Saturday

Tri-State residents have a breezy day in store for their Saturday as temperatures hover in the low 50s for most of the day.


Friday, March 4 weather

Partly Cloudy Morning To Give Way To Light Rains Heading Into Weekend

A sunny morning will give way to clouds moving into the Tri-State by mid- to late-Friday as a rain system moves in for the weekend.


Sunday, Feb. 27 weather

Clear Skies Yield Warmer Sunday On Final February Weekend

The final weekend of February will end on a much warmer note than what the Tri-State has been used to this winter.


Saturday, Feb. 26 weather

Tri-State Temperatures Hovering In 30s All Day As Winds Drop

The temperatures dropped overnight to below freezing and will stay in the 30s all of Saturday.