Tent City

Lakewood Tent City (credit: CBS 2)

New Jersey Homeless Camps Deal With Fatal Fire, Eviction Threat

An occupant of the camp known as “Tent City” in Lakewood, N.J. died in a fire early Saturday morning.


Lakewood Tent City

Deal Reached To Close Lakewood Tent City

Residents of a homeless encampment in New Jersey have agreed with government officials on the details of a plan to close down the camp after its 80 or so residents have found homes.


Lakewood Tent City

Lakewood Officials Hold Off On Eviction Plan For ‘Tent City’ Homeless Camp

An agreement letting the camp remain for now, signed by both sides, will go before a judge on Wednesday.


Ambulance (file / credit: clipart.com)

Man Severely Burned In Homeless Tent City In New Jersey

A 78-year-old man was severely burned early Monday when he accidentally caught himself on fire while sleeping in a tent encampment for the homeless near the Jersey Shore.


Oceanport, N.J. tent city

Tent City Pops Up In New Jersey In Aftermath Of Sandy

For thousands of families in the Garden State, the situation in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy has gone from bad to worse. They’ve already lost their homes, and now they’re being forced out of their shelters.


Lakewood Tent City

Court Blocks Lakewood From Tearing Down Tent City

“The judge denied that motion and agreed with the arguments of the homeless, saying the government has a responsibility to help the poor like these desperate people living in the woods,” attorney Jeffrey Wild he said.


Lakewood Tent City

Judge Rules In Favor Of Lakewood Tent City

Homeless people living in the woods in Lakewood can stay there while a court battle between their advocates and city officials continues.


Lakewood Tent City

Sign Of The Tough Times: ‘Tent City’ Pops Up In Ocean County, New Jersey

Many professionals in our area have been hit hard by the economic crisis. With no money and no jobs, some are finding themselves homeless, living in tents. It could happen to anyone.


Report: Connecticut Tent City Cleanup To Cost Thousands

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A newspaper is reporting that the city of New Haven will likely pay thousands to clean up the remnants of a so-called “tent city” in West Haven. The tent compound […]