Poll: 63 Percent Under 30 Admit Driving While On Phone

The U.S. Department of Transportation and Consumer Reports magazine have released a poll that illustrates how widespread distracted driving is among young people and a plan to help fight it.


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NYC Woman Indicted In Texting And Driving Case

A Brooklyn woman has been charged with criminally negligent homicide for allegedly causing a fatal accident while texting and driving.


Cell Phone Driver - Graphic: AP

NJ Senate Panel OKs Tougher Driver Cell Phone Law

The proposed bill would impose a graduated penalty system for violations of the state’s handsfree cell phone law.


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NYPD To Step Up Cell Phone Law Enforcement

Police said the city would begin the crackdown on drivers using hand-held cell phones at midnight as part of an initiative to focus on traffic infractions that could lead to serious injury or death.


Cell Phone Driver - Graphic: AP

New Jersey Teens Pledge Not To Text While Driving

Car crashes as a result of distracted driving are the leading cause of death among teens.


Teens texting

HealthWatch: Teen Texting Addiction

Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Small said neuroimaging studies have shown teens who text light up the same area of the brain as an addict who uses heroin.


Doctors are warning against the dangers of too much texting. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

High-Tech Hand Injuries Plagues Texting Addicts

“BlackBerry Thumb” as it’s being called by many, may be the newest excuse for employees to call in sick to their boss.