Through A New York Eye

CBS 2's Lou Young (left) with his father, Lou, on the day he graduated from Newfield High School in Selden - June 1970 in Lake Grove, NY (LI). (Credit: Lou Young/CBS2)

Through A New York Eye: Father Knew Best

“If you won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, then don’t ask,” Dad told me almost matter-of-factly over his shoulder while I was begging for him to take my side in some minor teenage crisis.


(credit: AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Through A New York Eye: A Bullet For Bin Laden

CBS 2’s Lou Young recounts first-hand the hours leading up to the moment it was his turn to tell New York City that the greatest villain this city has ever known finally got what he had coming for far too long.


AP File Photo

Through A New York Eye: Thanksgiving Update

We hit Fairway on Tuesday night and picked up a 10-pound fresh turkey. The store was busy, but not crowded. The customers and the employees were relaxed and unhurried; the shopping cart was full but not overflowing.

CBS New York–11/27/2010

Steven Hayes (credit: AP)

Through A NY Eye: ‘Cheshire: Waiting for Justice’

Waiting for justice in a hallway in New Haven Dr.William Petit stood chatting with prosecutor Michael Dearington.

CBS New York–10/05/2010


Through A New York Eye: 9/11 Living On

It’s taken nine years for the fog to lift. That’s a long time, and I know for some it is not long enough.


National Hurricane Center Monitors Hurricane Earl As It Tracks Towards U.S. (Getty Images)

Through A New York Eye: Hurricane Season

The storm in the Atlantic has us watching this week, ready to respond. We think we know what to expect, but we know we can never be sure.

CBS 2–09/01/2010