Dahlberg: Time For Roger Goodell To Come Out Of HidingThrough the NFL's scandals, Goodell remains incommunicado, waiting for the perfect storm he could have never imagined blows over before getting back to earning his $44 million a year.
March To 3,000: Derek Jeter The Last Great Yankees Star To Celebrate If you need another reason to get excited about Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit, remember the next Yankee to chase a record will be Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod is the anti-Jeter, a petulant player with tremendous skills who seems to play the game only for himself.
Can Tiki Barber's Comeback Possibly End Well?The warning for months from union officials to NFL players has been simple: Save your paychecks because the future is uncertain. Another warning should come with it, and be passed along to Tiki Barber: Remember that nothing lasts forever.
40 Years Later, Ali-Frazier Still An MSG ClassicIt was 40 years ago today that Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier met at Madison Square Garden in a fight so big it was simply referred to as The Fight. They would go on to meet two more times, but nothing could match the stakes that March night at the Garden.
Where's The Sanity In NFL, Union Labor Talks?Hard-liners on both sides -- the NFL and players' union -- have taken negotiations to the brink, and there's no indication that sanity will prevail before the current collective bargaining agreement expires and things really begin to get nasty.
Werth Contract Startling - Even For BaseballEven those who don't follow baseball closely had to notice, if only because the figures were so startling. Jayson Werth is a decent enough outfielder, but giving him $126 million over seven years seems unfathomable.
NFL Players Waging Battle Against LockoutThere's a widget you can add to your laptop if you really want to be bummed out. A countdown clock, courtesy of your favorite NFL players, to the time when football, as we know it, will surely end.
About Time: NFL Gets Tough With Head HuntersFootball can be a hurt business, but there was so much hurting going on in Week 6 of the NFL season that alarms went off at league headquarters.

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