Christina Summitt (Credit: CBS 2)

New Jersey Bartender Receives Tip Of A Lifetime

One New Jersey bartender was struggling after one of her beloved dogs needed emergency care, when kind strangers tipped her an unbelievable amount of money.


A New York City Sanitation truck (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

NYC Sanitation Worker Forced To Retire For Accepting $20 Tip

Lenworth Dixon, a 25-year veteran city sanitation worker, was forced to retire from his $73,000-a-year job and pay a $1,500 fine.



Exactly What To Tip (Or Better, Not Tip) Around The World

Check out this guide to tipping in countries across the world, so you’re prepared come tip time on your next vacation.


A twitter picture shows the receipt in question  which went viral and sparked an outpouring of support for a New Jersey waitress. (Credit @TheBaxterBean via Twitter)

Report: Waitress Returns Donations As Questions Surface About Viral Receipt

A woman who worked as a waitress at a Bridgewater, N.J. restaurant was left looking for a new job on Saturday, according to a published report.


FILE - A person holds money. (credit: ClipArt)

New York City Waiter Receives Important Message With Extravagant Tip

The spirit of the season spilled across Lincoln Square and into the dining room at The Smith on Thursday night where a jolly diner committed a spontaneous act of generosity.


DipJar at Midtown business (credit: CBS 2)

Columbia Grad Launches Electronic Tip Jar For The Credit Card Era

Workers who rely on tip jars to bolster their incomes have noticed a dip in tips because of an increase in the use of plastic for purchases. To combat the problem, new technology called DipJar has popped up in some cafes and shops across the city.


A Suffolk County Police Cruiser - File / Photo: Mike Xirinachs / WCBS 880

Man Allegedly Steals Tip Jars On Long Island

Police said Laurence Reilly of Farmingville was arrested Sunday on petty larceny charges. They said he would enter the businesses — including a Quiznos and a Chinese restaurant — and order food before stealing tip jars.