Tony Simmons

Tony Simmons

NYC Juvenile Justice Worker Gets Prison For Molesting Girls

A former juvenile justice worker convicted of molesting teenagers at the Manhattan Family Court building has been sentenced to four years in prison.


Gavel (credit: CBS 2)

Jury Reaches Split Verdict In Sex Abuse Case

A jury reached a split verdict for a former juvenile justice worker accused of using his job to prey on underage girls.


Tony Simmons (L) , Accuser "Ashley" (R) (Photo/CBS 2)

Accuser Speaks Out After Simmons’ Conviction

A former juvenile justice worker has been convicted of molesting two girls under his care in a Manhattan courthouse. But he was acquitted of a more serious charge of raping a third girl.


Tony Simmons

Second Victim Testifies Against Counselor in Rape Case

A second victim testified she was 15 years old and in custody of the Juvenile Justice Department when counselor Tony Simmons raped her in an elevator after delivering her to a family court appearance in Manhattan.


Tony Simmons

NYC Juvenile Justice Worker’s Sex Trial Opens

Prosecutors say Tony Simmons exploited his city job to have sexual encounters in the Manhattan Family Court building with girls who were 15 and 16. That’s below the age of consent in New York.


Tony Simmons

Victim: I Will Testify Against Court Counselor

A sex assault victim said she’s ready to face her alleged attacker after a stunning development on Monday in a Manhattan courtroom.


Ashley (credit: CBS 2)

Rape Victim Furious Over Expected Light Sentence

The woman, identified by her first name only, said she was being violated again because her attacker was escaping jail time.


Tony Simmons

Court Counselor Rape Victim Stunned At No Jail Plea Deal

Raped as a teen, a Brooklyn woman says she’s being violated again because her rapist, a juvenile court counselor, is escaping jail time.


NOW-NYC Excutive Director Sonia Ossorio leads a protest against the possible plea deal for Tony Simmons. (Photo/CBS 2)

Plea Deal In Manhattan Rape Case Draws Outrage

The uproar comes as juvenile counselor Tony Simmons was expected to get probation, but no jail time at his sentencing in a rape case involving a 15-year-old girl.