Tony’s Table

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo were in the kitchen making corn salsa. (Credit: CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Corn Salsa

Corn salsa is a perfect addition to any Memorial Day meal. On Monday, CBS 2’s Stephanie and Tony Tantillo were in the kitchen with their recipe for the perfect side to any grilling session.


Stephanie and Tony Tantillo were in the kitchen cooking up a batch of zucchini and bucatini. (Credit CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Zucchini And Bucatini

Vegetarian pasta is on the menu tonight. CBS 2’s Stephanie and Tony Tantillo were in the kitchen cooking up a winter version of pasta primavera.


Farro and kale (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Farro And Kale

Here’s a very colorful, hearty and healthy dish good any time of year.


Cauliflower poppers (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Cauliflower Poppers

They look like buffalo wings, but they’re not! Try these cauliflower poppers–you won’t be disappointed.


Chicken Sausage Potato Soup (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Chicken Sausage Potato Soup

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo whip up this tasty soup — perfect on a cold night.


Tortellini With Sausage (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Tortellini With Sausage

If you’re looking for a new pasta dish to make, try this sausage & tortellini recipe from Tony and Stephanie.


Escarole With White Beans (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Escarole With White Beans

Try this hearty soup from Stephanie and Tony Tantillo — perfect for a cold, snowy day.


Fresh linguine cooked in foil (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Fresh Linguine Cooked In Foil

There may be a lot of steps to this recipe, but Tony and Stephanie say it’s worth it!


Artichoke bread salad (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Artichoke Bread Salad

Stephanie and Tony have the perfect recipe for that leftover bread you’re not sure what to do with.


Mashed cauliflower (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Mashed Cauliflower

Stephanie and Tony make this healthy alternative to mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving!


Penne and Brussels sprouts (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Brussels Sprouts & Penne

Stephanie and Tony make this colorful and tasty pasta dish — perfect for pasta and veggie lovers alike.


Frisee salad (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Frisee Salad

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo show how to make breakfast for lunch!


Spinach Provolone Chicken (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Spinach Provolone Chicken

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo with this colorful chicken dish sure to brighten up your dinner table.


Pasta with ricotta (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Pasta With Ricotta

If you love ricotta cheese — and who doesn’t — you will love this pasta dish!


Farfalle with tuna and peas (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Farfalle With Tuna and Peas

Not sure what to do with that can of tuna? Tony and Stephanie show how to make this easy pasta dish that is sure to please.