Tyler Carroll

Wayne Drexel, Connor Carroll, Tyler Carroll, and Jordan Fulcoly celebrating news of Tim Tebow coming to New York (Credit: Mona Rivera 1010 WINS)

Riverhead Students Suspended For ‘Tebowing’ Celebrate Quarterback Joining The Jets

Tebow-mania is in full swing in New York especially in Riverhead where several students were reprimanded last year for paying tribute to their hero.


Tim Tebow (credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images Sport)

Riverhead H.S. Student Connor Carroll Serves In-School Suspension For ‘Tebowing’

One of two brothers suspended for paying tribute to Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow served an in-school suspension Friday.


Tim Tebow

2 Riverhead High School Students Suspended For ‘Tebowing’

Mimicking kneeling down to pray — the trademark move has been dubbed “Tebowing” — is what got senior Connor Carroll and his twin brother, Tyler, in big trouble.