Vanessa Murdock

(credit: CBS2)

Furry Friend Finder: Randolph And Patrick

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Randolph and Patrick, who are looking for homes.


Authorities say a student used eye drops to poison a teacher at a New Jersey high school. (Credit: CBS2)

Student Allegedly Spiked Teacher’s Drink With Eye Drops At New Jersey High School

It could have been deadly. A New Jersey teacher was rushed to the hospital after police say a student added something to her drink that made her sick.


Walkers participate in the March of Dimes' March for Babies on April 26, 2015, in Manhattan. (credit: Tim Scheld/WCBS 880)

March For Babies Fundraiser Marches Through Manhattan

Thousands of people are marching Sunday in support of March of Dimes’ quest to prevent premature births and help those children who are born prematurely.


Flowers at a Forest Park, Queens greenhouse are nearly ready for planting. (Credit: CBS2)

Queens Greenhouse Hosts Flowers, Plants Almost Ready For City Parks

The Queens greenhouse nestled in Forest Park has provided plants and flowers to New York City parks for more than a century.


Evelyn's Playground at Union Square has seen numerous injuries in recent years. (Credit: CBS2)

Union Square, South Slope Playgrounds Deemed Among City’s Unsafest

Playground safety is a top priority for the New York City Department of Recreation, but that does not mean the safety record is squeaky clean.


The state of New York has banned dozens of invasive plant species. (Credit: CBS2)

State Conservation Department Announces Blacklist For Some Invasive Plant Species

With the sounds of spring in the air, and planting season in full swing some of your favorite flora may be hard to find.


(credit: CBS2)

Furry Friend Finder: Noni And Arabella

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Noni and Arabella, who are looking for homes.


For the first time in over 100 years bald eagles have made themselves at home in New York City. (Credit: Larry Pugliares).

Bald Eagles Take Up Residence, Lay Eggs In The City For First Time In Over A Century

Our national bird has decided to put its roots down in the city for the first time in at least a century.


Crews man a machine gun onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Sailfish. (Credit: CBS2)

CBS2 Exclusive: A Ride With Coast Guard Crews Protecting New York Harbor

More than 200 structures of national importance call New York Harbor home, and protecting them is a priority.


Kids on spring break spent the day getting to know new and unusual species at the American Museum of Natural History. (Credit: CBS2)

Kids Discover Super-Powered Creepy-Crawlies At New Natural History Museum Exhibit

Children describe some creepy-crawlies as cute, others as slimy, but all of the species showcased in one new museum exhibit have something in common; they use superpowers to survive.


(credit: CBS2)

Furry Friend Finder: Mochi And Penelope

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Mochi and Penelope, who are looking for homes.


Weehawken Cove is home to several boats that have sunk or been discarded, and nobody seems to know why. (Photo: CBS2)

Weehawken Cove ‘Boat Graveyard’ Mystery Deepens: Where Did They Come From?

Gaze upon Weekhawken Cove and something is a little fishy, as it holds not one, but two sunken sailboats. A couple more look, well, left for dead.


Water flows from a tap (Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Experts Say Brutal Winter Is To Blame For Bad Taste Left By Salty Tap Water

The brutal winter may be to blame for tap water that’s leaving a bad taste in the mouths of some New Jersey residents.


Danielle the Chihuahua is looking for a new home. (Credit: CBS2)

Furry Friend Finder: Danielle And Minnie

In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Diane Macedo introduce us to Danielle and Minnie, who are looking for homes.


A treasure trove of city artifacts will hit the auction block this week. (Credit: CBS2)

Treasure Trove Of New York City History Will Hit The Auction Block

A treasure trove of historical artifacts from New York City and beyond is going up for auction later this week.