Vera Pecoraro

Vera Pecoraro's Clark Home (credit: CBS 2)

Police Ask Public For Help In Solving Clark, N.J. Murder 2 Years Later

Investigators Wednesday were asking the public for help in the murder of a Clark, New Jersey woman, whose body was found in her home two years ago.


Vera Pecoraro's Clark Home (credit: CBS 2)

Investigators Search For Answers In Clark, N.J. Murder One Year Later

A Clark, N.J. woman was found dead in her home a year ago Sunday, and police have asked for the public’s help to solve the murder on the one-year anniversary.


Vera Pecoraro's Clark Home (credit: CBS 2)

Union County Prosecutor: Clark Woman, 74, Was Victim Of ‘Targeted’ Killing

Investigators said Pecoraro’s son, Anthony, discovered her body on Saturday. The doors were locked from the inside and there were no signs of forced entry or robbery.