Vincent The Intern

(credit: Al Dukes/WFAN)

B&C Morning Show: Vincent Gets Another Crack At An Update

One of Boomer and Craig’s favorite interns, Vincent was back this morning for another crack at the 9:00 update, and given a day to prepare, he did a tremendous job.


(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

B&C Morning Show: Vince The Intern Gets Paid & Catches A Break

When Boomer got wind that Craig never gave money to our prized intern Vincent, after he got Italian ices for the entire Morning Show Staff, as Craig instructed him to do while he was out buying Mega-Millions tickets.


(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

B&C Morning Show: Mega Millions For Everyone

With the Mega-Millions Jackpot approaching $500 million, Boomer & Craig gave our prized intern Vincent $200 with instructions to buy a whole bunch of tickets.

Vincent promptly took the loot and hit the streets.



B&C Morning Show: Jets Locker Room Problems & Trouble Spelling ‘Schism’

As the headline indicates, the guys discussed the ‘circus like’ atmosphere in the Jets locker room, before Craig invoked a new rule on the show – no one can use a word that they can’t spell.


(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

B&C Morning Show: Vincent The Intern Learns A Valuable Lesson

This morning Boomer & Craig decided to get to know our intern Vincent, so they invited him into the Allstate Studio for a sit-down…