Washington Cemetery

Cemetery destruction

Sanitation Dept. Gets Earful In Wake Of Cemetery Destruction

Loved ones lashed out at the New York City Department of Sanitation on Wednesday after piles of snow were dumped into a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn.


Washington Cemetery (Photo/Google Street View)

Brooklyn Tombstones Damaged In Blizzard Snow Dump

Councilman David Greenfield called the incident at Washington Cemetery “shocking” and said it proved the Sanitation Department cannot service the living and had no respect for the dead.


(Photo/CBS 2)

200 Cemetery Headstones Toppled In Brooklyn

Police say the toppled headstones were found at the Washington Cemetery in the Borough Park section on Sunday morning.


(credit: CBS File Photo)

No Vacancy: NYC Cemeteries Filling To Capacity

Despite the high price of real estate at Manhattan cemeteries, the city is running out of space to bury the departed – fast.